"I will put My Spirit within you And he will come to life." Ez:37
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Let us pursue holiness.

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Finding God in Everyday Life.

For your Spiritual Autobiography recall occasions, if any, on which you completed a project with spiritual significance.

Why We Are Here

My Web Site and associated Blog "Finding God in Every Day Life" shares part of my journey to find God in everyday life. It may help you on your journey to connect more deeply to the Presence of God in your own daily life. A monk once told me, “God is not picky – he takes us wherever we are at and responds generously to the smallest move we make in his direction.”

Professional Status

I am a writer, consultant, and lecturer. who resides in Columbus, Ohio. I have a PhD in Sociology from the University of Minnesota,with a specialty in Social Gerontology.I have taught at the University of Minnesota and made numerous presentations to professionals working with the elderly. I have been a Research Associate at the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at the Ohio State University, and consultant for the Central Ohio Mental Health Center Grief Outreach program for the Central Ohio Mental Health Center. As of December 2014 I am a volunteer in the Spiritual Care office of OhioHealth Hospice at Kobacher House. I am also a Eucharistic minister at Riverside Methodist hospital.

Over the past ten years I have been giving workshops, retreats, and lectures on spirituality and spiritual growth. My articles on spirituality have appeared in St. Anthony Messenger and Liguorian magazine. My most recently published book is Finding God in Everyday Life.

Structure of My Site

In the About Me page I share elements of my spiritual autobiography and the Cistercian impact on my spiritual journey. There you will find links to sources on Jesuit and Cistercian spirituality. On my Writings page I state my mission as a writer. On that page you may link to samples from my books and novels in progress. The Presentations page offers synopses of my presentations: Spiritual Autobiography, Lection Divina, Mornings of Reflection. From those synopses you can link to resources on these topics. In addition from the spiritual autobiography synopsis which is About You you can link to an "exercise" page on which you can prepare notes for your spiritual autobiography via an email exchange with me. But this site is always for both you and me. You are always welcome to contact me at the email address at the bottom of each page and by exchanging thoughts with me on my blog.

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