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"I will put My Spirit within you And you will come to life." Ez:37

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Scriptural and theological foundation

Through the practice of spiritual autobiography you try to know God by knowing yourself. God knows you as you really are. If you know yourself as you really are, then you are closer to God by having your self-knowledge closer to what God knows of you. This is based in scripture. Reflect on a passage from Jeremiah.

When my bones were being formed,
carefully put together in my mother’s womb...
You knew that I was there –
You saw me before I was born. (Ps 139)

About You

Consider a few passages from my presentations in which I coach participants on beginning their spiritual autobiographies. If you wish you can link to an opportunity to start your spiritual autobiography by means of an email exchange with me.

About You

Where is your life at right now? Are things going O.K.? Are you satisfied?

Or are you restless? Perhaps seeking more. Maybe you are in pain, or grieving and looking for some relief. Maybe you are wondering why God, who can fix anything, hasn’t fixed your life. You know He could take away your problems in a skinny minute. He could even make your rich and powerful. But nothing changes. Life goes on. Why won’t God help you?

The Greatest Story Ever Told was Fulton Oursler's best-selling book about the Life of Jesus. It is the story of our Redemption and of God’s love for us.

The Second greatest Story Ever Told is your story – the story of your life with God, deep down and personal. It begins with your very first memories.Spiritual Autobiography is not new. From St. Augustine and Therese of Lisieux, to Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day, we see God’s story unfolding in their lives.

Before you begin your story, ask yourself– Do you want to change your life – Do you really want to? Remember the story of the sick man at the pool of Bethseda? We are not told his exact age, but the gospel says when he met Jesus he had already been sick for 38 years. Imagine his astonishment when Jesus asks, “Do you want to be healed?” (John 5:1-16). Want to be healed? How could he not want to be healed? But – consider for a moment the responsibility of being healed. Nothing would be the same after that. The healed man would no longer lie on his pallet day after day, waiting for a miracle. He would no longer be the object of pity and compassion. Instead he would be expected to stand on his own two feet, to earn his living, to be a giver of alms rather than a recipient. Healing would change his life forever.

So it is for us. We also have to come to terms with a question of healing – we need to ask ourselves, do we really want spiritual renewal? It reminds me of Augustine’s prayer, ‘Lord make me a saint, but not just yet’.

How do you begin your spiritual autobiography?

To begin participate in the exercise Beginning My Spiritual Autobiography

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